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Earn more with your vehicle by signing up in our delivery partner program.


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Your application process begins here. Sign up to become an official delivery partner. Motorcycles and 4- wheeled cars accepted!


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Make sure that you have your necessary papers ready such as your driver’s license, a valid NBI clearance and vehicle registration documents.


Attend our trainings

As an official Z delivery partner, we consider you to be part of the company which is why we have training programs in place to make sure that you are equipped to handle our valued clients’ packages.

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Endless income opportunities with Z

We are looking for delivery partners nationwide.

No need to go to Metro Manila to earn more. If you know your local city or municipality by heart and you have a delivery vehicle, we can connect you to businesses delivering in your area.

Bring Z delivery closer to you.

Our mobile app is available on iOS and Android OS to make booking deliveries nationwide even easier. Have your parcel shipped to anywhere in the Philippines with just a few taps on your phone.