Code of Conduct for Z Merchants


This Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines and standards that our merchant-partners must follow. This Code ensures the protection of our users and its systems and the delivery of the best experience to our customers.


Merchant partners must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including but not limited to transport, food, labor, health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. 


As a Z merchant-partner, we require you to hold valid licenses to operate and other permits as may be required by the relevant authorities. It is incumbent upon you to update and/or resubmit documents or remedy when registered documents are expired or revoked or suspended. Z reserves the right to request for updated information as and when required and to take proper legal actions if you unjustly fail or refuse to do so. 


Activities of a criminal nature, including but not limited to the selling of illegal, prohibited or controlled goods, fraud, assault, harassment or abuse of any kind shall not be allowed or tolerated. Any commission of such acts such be dealt with accordingly.


As an everyday app that serves our user’s daily needs, ensuring safety and security to our customers and partners in every experience is our top priority. 

Z takes violations of the Code seriously. Z has thresholds relating to quality issues to maintain the high standards of our platform. Failing to meet these thresholds may lead to suspension or termination of user access to the Z platform. Z may, but is under no obligation to, notify you before terminating your use of the Z application and services. 


It is highly encouraged that Merchant-partners must notify Z immediately of any breach of applicable laws and regulations that may affect their ability to provide services. 


If you suspect fraudulent activities involving other merchants or driver-partners, customers or corporate partners, you may submit this information via